About Us

Compare My Repair. seeks to connect homeowners with local tradespeople. Our online service is designed with homeowners and tradespeople in mind.

Homeowners get quotes for their job quick and easy. While tradespeople are able to find local work to support their business.

Who are we?

Started in 2013, MyJobQuote’s two founders started as a small digital marketing company and took inspiration from their parents who were both tradespeople.

They wanted to create a service which could integrate their knowledge of digital marketing to create a platform to provide value for both homeowners and tradespeople.

How our service works
  1. Customer submits information outlining the job they want completing.
  2. The job is checked by Compare My Repair staff to ensure authenticity.
  3. The job is sent to local tradespeople who are suitable for the job.
  4. Trades will contact the homeowner to quote the job.
  5. Customer chooses which trade to complete the job. Simple.
Why use our service as a homeowner?
  • Compare My Repair is free to use and allows you to gather multiple quotes with a quick form detailing your job. This saves you time searching for tradespeople and explaining to multiple trades your job.
  • Read reviews of trades from other homeowners.
  • Compare quotes on price to save money and the quality of the tradesperson. You have no obligation to accept any quotes you receive, but please let us know if you do not decide to go through with the job.
  • Our tradespeople are verified with an official form of identification, email address; phone number, we also check public liability insurance and qualifications where provided. Gas engineers and electricians are required to provide evidence of their qualifications before accepting any jobs.
Why join as a tradesperson?
  • Using our digital marketing knowledge, we directly market to customers who are seeking work completed in your area.
  • Unlike directories, we provide you job leads with return on Investment. Some trade directories you can pay upto £1,000 a year for your name on a list with no guarantee of work.
  • Flexible memberships. We will show you what membership packages are best depending on the amount of jobs available in your area.
  • Get a free trial. We will offer you a free trial of our service before committing.
  • Get access to 25,000+ job leads a month.
  • Profitable return on investment with job leads. Marketing yourself with a website, flyers or radio advertising may lead to no measurable return on investment. Buy job leads from customers who are actively looking for quotes.